August 17, 2017

Bruce discusses how homelessness is a public health concern that impacts the community due to the negative affect on physical and mental health and how devastating it can be in so many ways. Did you know that an address can predict a lot about our own health? Imagine h...

August 3, 2017

Ever wonder what little difference separates each of us from a different life altogether?  Bruce explores how unsettling it can be to witness the plight  of those experiencing homelessness as it can also make us uncomfortably aware of how easily we could be living diff...

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About The Corner Perspective VIdeo Blog

Located at the corner of Broadway and Fifth Avenue in Knoxville, Tennessee, the Volunteer Ministry Center (VMC) is at the intersection of the experience of homelessness and solutions to the end and prevention of homelessness.  The Corner Perspective is a bi-weekly video blog on the plight of those struggling to escape homelessness and VMC’s commitment to permanent solutions.  The answer to homelessness is right there in the word- HOME.

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