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1,078 In Housing Since 2007

Preventing and Ending Homelessness

Actually, they are big words. And they are words that have come to mean a lot to us over the past several years as our programming has matured beyond the simple shelter approach to the provision of life-changing services that require the participation of the client. You will see VMC using these words in our brochures, speeches, and written material about our work. We feel strongly that these words capture the essence of what VMC does and how we do it. Here is what these words mean to us:


Meeting people where they are in their hour of greatest need, holding them in positive regard even as we see the possibility of a higher level of functioning and self-sufficiency.


Empowering those we serve to be an active part of their own recovery, empowering them to do what they agree to do as a part of their plan.


Seeing those we serve move into a better life as people with housing and a plan for the future, seeing them maintain their housing with a long term plan for sustainability.

Three little words...


Preventing and ending homelessness
Preventing and ending homelessness
Preventing and ending homelessness
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