COVID-19 Update: September 15, 2020, Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Volunteer Ministry Center has adjusted its operations in order to maintain safety and well-being for neighbors (those we serve), volunteers and staff.   For information, please call 524-3926.   Since July 1, 2020, VMC has been following the Tennessee Pledge:  Reopening Tennessee Responsibly. (See, MORE

Public Statement Regarding Blackstock: October 05, 2020, “Volunteer Ministry Center supports and will be assisting the City of Knoxville in the efforts to address the needs at Blackstock. Given the emerging issues of the camp sites, our agency fully recognizes and will be part of the coordinated efforts to assist the individuals needing shelter and thus start the process of securing permanent housing and referrals to resources for behavioral and physical health as needed..........READ MORE

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