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Congratulations Phillip and Bonkers

One of our newest lease signers standing with his companion dog, Bonkers, signed a lease recently! Phillip started working with VMC Street Outreach in November of last year, got into VMC’s Foyer and then joined the VMC Resource Center. When asked before his lease signing if he was excited. He said that he was very excited but stated that he was most excited for Bonkers because he has not been able to come off his leash in months. He will finally have a place to run around without the leash. Congratulations Phillip and Bonkers!

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Donating Items to VMC

VMC is excited to announce a new partnership with Angelic Ministries! Due to lack of storage space at VMC, we are changing the way we accept donations.  VMC will continue to accept NEW items. USED items can be donated to Angelic Ministries located at 1218 N Central St. Knoxville, TN 37917

via their 24 hour clothing donation chute or you can call (865) 523-8884 to arrange for pick-up. LEARN MORE..........


It Takes a Team

Mother and son, Janet and Bill (in the middle), just signed a lease this month and achieved housing together through VMC and other supporting agencies. This group photo includes Janet and Bill, VMC Case Managers Opal Bryant and Angela Lister, Sandy with the property management company and Michael with United Way- House Knox program.


Member of the Month

Many thanks to the Farragut West Knox Chamber of Commerce for choosing the Volunteer Ministry Center as its FIRST EVER Member of the Month. VMC was nominated by other members in the Chamber for displaying one or more of the Chamber's core values: Integrity, Excellence, Stewardship, Inclusion, and Enterprising. Thank you Farragut West Knox Chamber for your support of our mission in the community and we are so proud to be a member!


Building New Lives

Our Minvilla Manor case managers preparing a special cookout lunch earlier this month for residents! With COVID continuing to impact social activities at Minvilla, VMC staff also continue to create special moments and activities. In this case, case managers cooked the meal and let residents come and pick-up to take back to their apartments to enjoy. Thanks to our case managers, Dustin, Sid, Pete, and Yvette for helping our residents build new lives in housing.

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