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Volunteer Ministry Center 



Life Has Changed

As life has changed for all of us over the past few of weeks, The Foyer, Resource Center and Minvilla Manor continue to offer pre and post-housing services to our neighbors. During this time, this also means becoming a “home” to those that do not have one and working with our neighbors on the use of social distancing and hygiene/cleaning practices to help keep themselves healthy and safe. Many thanks to our donors and supporters for placing VMC in a position to not only help those we serve achieve housing but to be a refuge for those in need during times like these.

Outreach To Home

Billy was living on the streets until he connected to VMC's Street Outreach Program. From there, Billy joined the VMC Resource Center for housing services and also began staying at The Foyer (VMC's low barrier overnight emergency shelter) to have a safe place to be at night until he achieved housing. Billy moved into his new apartment last month and now has a HOME to call his own! VMC is honored to be a part of Billy's journey and to be able to offer a variety of services focused on housing!

Thank You Mayor Kincannon

Many thanks to B97.5 Knoxville and Mayor Indya Kincannon for helping Volunteer Ministry Center and residents of Minvilla Manor! Mayor Kincannon won the Celebrity Edition of the $1000 Minute with Ashley, Brad & Michele in the Morning and chose VMC to donate her winnings!

VMC Dental Clinic

With much gratitude VMC sends out a huge THANK YOU to the Smile 180 Foundation for their partnership to create more "lasting smiles" in 2020! The VMC Dental Clinic recently received $60,000 for much needed equipment that will allow us to better serve the homeless and low income in our community. In addition, VMC also received $20,000 to provide and maintain dentures for those in need!

Happy To Be Home

When most people think of homelessness, they think of addiction issues, mental illness or some type of similar situation. Karen was stable and had lived in her previous apartment for over six years before her rent increased three times in a short period of time. This led to her eventual eviction and to homelessness before connecting with VMC's Resource Center. Karen achieved her goal of housing last week and is very happy to be home!

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