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Opening Doors For A Better Tomorrow

With over 9,000 individuals in Knoxville accessing homeless services every year, there are many who are at risk of dying on the streets without specialized services focused on both achieving and sustaining housing. Homelessness impacts all of us as there is both an economic and human cost to our community. A focus on housing reduces this economic and human cost and allows those experiencing homelessness the safety, stability, and security to heal and address the deeper issues that led to their homelessness.

Ending & Preventing Homelessness

Our Focus Is On Housing! Annually, 4,000 individuals walk through VMC's doors for services to help them either sustain their housing or to achieve housing.


We Believe In:

COMPASSION Meeting people where they are in their hour of greatest need.
ACCOUNTABILITY Dignity and respect reclaimed in a context of compassionate accountability.
RESULTS Seeing those we serve move into a better life through housing.

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Bush Family Refuge

Feb. 2020 NL Brittany in apartment with

Resource Center

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Street Outreach


Permanent Supportive Housing
Minvilla Manor and Caswell Manor provide 105 apartments for chronically homeless individuals with a disability. The Average tenancy for a resident of Minvilla Manor is 5 years.


Dental Care for the Homeless and Low Income
The Dental Clinic provides comprehensive dental care at no charge for the homeless and low income in our community. Annually, the Dental Clinic has over 1,000 patient visits and performs over 1,500 dental procedures.


Homelessness Prevention
Every year, over 3,000 households in crisis receive services through the Bush Family Refuge to prevent them from losing their housing. Annually over 250 households receive emergency assistance for utilities and rent.


Ending Homelessness
Since 2007, over 1,280 and counting of Knoxville’s most 
vulnerable achieved freedom from the streets through the Resource Center and now have a safe place to call home.
93% of these individuals are able to maintain housing a year or longer.


Reaching The Most Vulnerable
Every year, VMC’s Street Outreach Program reaches out and engages with hundreds of those experiencing homelessness and living on the streets of Knoxville in order to connect them with housing services.


Caswell Manor

Dental Clinic.jpg
Minvilla Manor.jpg

Dental Clinic

Minvilla Manor

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