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Located in our building, the VMC Dental Clinic uses professional dental clinicians to provide dental care and treatment to the homeless and low income for Knox County. Services are geared toward restoring dental health and extractions are provided only as a last resort. A volunteer hygienist is also available to provide cleanings.

Who we serve    

Knox County residents (over the age of 18) who are literally homeless per HUD standards

and Knox County residents (over the age of 18) in the HUD income range of “Extremely Low” (0-30% AMI), regardless of housing status


What we provide    



Cleanings (by appointment only)

               Dentures/partials (for literally homeless community, by appointment)

Limited denture repair/adjustments



Services are free to the patient


Times of service   

Because we are staffed mainly by dental professionals who volunteer their time, hours and days of service can vary. Please call 865-934-1746 to verify which weekdays we are open and have a provider available.


How to get an appointment    

We are currently operating as a walk-in clinic.  We take the first three (3) walk-ins each day that we have a provider.  Once a patient has completed their first walk-in appointment, any needed follow up treatment will be completed at scheduled appointments.


What to bring     

People who are currently experiencing homelessness can bring their HMIS card or a letter from a shelter stating their current status. Low income Knox County residents can bring a current pay stub, statement from an employer stating wages, Social Security awards letter, or a food stamps letter.  Other proof of income may also be accepted.

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