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Looking to get involved with VMC? MEAL GROUPS are a great volunteer opportunity for churches, businesses, and community organizations. We are looking for groups to provide meals for those working hard to escape the streets and achieve housing. We have a great commercial kitchen for you to work in and staff available to assist.

Learn more about VMC's Meal Groups

How Do I Get Started?
1) Please message us to learn more and to find out what meal opportunities are available:
2) One or two members of your group attend a one to one "Get Acquainted With VMC"  session with VMC's Volunteer Coordinator where they will learn more about VMC and our Kitchen facilities.
Serving Meals at VMC
  • Each meal group is responsible for purchasing, preparing, and serving the meal. Your group is welcome to use our commercial kitchen facility to prepare all, or part, of your meal.
  • Meal times are scheduled around other important activities so we ask that each meal group be ready to serve by those appointed times. (Breakfast, 7am; Lunch, 12pm)
  • Please bring drinks with your meal. Several groups prefer to bring lemonade or tea mix and we have large drink containers for you to use. In the event that you do not provide drinks, water will be served instead. VMC has an ice machine to provide ice for drinks.
  • VMC provides divided trays on which to serve the food, as well as cups, napkins, and plastic ware utensils. If you are preparing your food in our kitchen, please remember to bring all your needed ingredients (milk, eggs, butter, mayo, ketchup, mustard, etc.) that you will need to make and serve your meal. This includes any condiments that may accompany the meal. If you bring coffee, please bring creamer and sugar as well.
  • Your meal group is NOT responsible for clean-up! Just be sure to take any personal items that you brought with you. As a part of their case management plan, several of our program members will be scheduled to clean the kitchen and dining hall after each meal.
  • As a facility that serves meals to the the public, we must adhere to guidelines set forth by the Department of Health. We have serving areas which are equipped with "sneeze guards" or protector devises that protect the food from consumer contamination. However, we do not have the protector devises in the area where we serve drinks. Therefore, it is required that drinks be poured individually before serving them. 
  • In case of delay or cancellation: Please notify the Resource Center staff if you will be delayed or need to cancel for any reason at 865-524-3926 x255.
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