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Street Outreach is an extension of the Resource Center. In 2018, VMC expanded it's outreach program as The City of Knoxville contracted with us to provide outreach services to individuals who are experiencing homelessness who are not accessing services.  With a clear mandate to engage those under the shadows of the I-40 overpass and Broadway, VMC's Street Outreach Case Managers are also active around Market Square, Old Gray Cemetery and in other specified locations in downtown Knoxville. Given their combined 30 years of service with VMC, our Street Outreach Case Managers have the knowledge, expertise, wisdom and experience which is making an effective and successful approach to reaching the most service resistant of our community, many of whom are chronically homeless and mentally ill.

The ultimate goal for VMC’s Street Outreach is to help those living in downtown encampments obtain their own permanent housing. We do this by helping those living in encampments to access the housing case management services offered across our community. Direct services can include anything from providing accurate information about housing and programs, to providing a ride to the doctor, to helping another agency provider locate a client who has lost touch. VMC’s Street Outreach staff work in a team to visit various camps and sites where those experiencing street homelessness regularly gather. The Street Outreach team maintains a consistent schedule of visits to these sites in order to develop relationships and trust.

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