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VMC's housing development, Minvilla Manor, accepts project based vouchers which insures a high level of occupancy. The 57 apartments are each inhabited by a former chronically homeless and disabled individual. Minvilla is unique in that it offers case management services on-site, and twenty-four hour staffing is in place as well. This ensures a high level of security for the residents. Social activities are also provided. The goal is for each tenant to reach his or her highest level of self-sufficiency. It should be noted that Minvilla Manor has won numerous awards for historic preservation.

Who we serve    

Chronically homeless individuals who are in need of on-site case management support (HUD defines Chronic Homelessness as a person with a disability who has been literally homeless for either a full year, or for 4 episodes in the past 3 years that equal twelve months)


What we provide      

Affordable permanent housing

On-site case management



Residents must qualify for a Project Based Voucher through KCDC and will pay rent equal to 30% of their income


Times of service    

Case management and property management offices are open Monday-Friday 8:00 am -5:00 pm


How to get an application    

Residents are selected from the Coordinated Housing Assessment and Match Plan (CHAMP) referral process. Clients must be referred to the CHAMP Permanent Supportive Housing list by a community case manager and are selected from the list according to vulnerability.  Upon being selected from the list, clients and referring case managers will complete additional paperwork.

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