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  • Bruce Spangler

Coming Around The Corner

Bruce talks with this year’s Carry the Torch featured speaker, Kathy Izard. Kathy helped VMC celebrate the 10th anniversary of Carry the Torch in a very special way. Kathy shares her special connection with Denver Moore, who was Carry the Torch’s very first featured speaker ten years ago and who also served as the inspiration for Kathy’s own journey into permanent housing and doing more to aid those experiencing homelessness in Charlotte, NC. Kathy shares with Bruce how Denver helped her to see how she needed to do more and how this resulted in a 100 unit Permanent Supportive Living residence for those experiencing homelessness in Charlotte. Kathy invites us all to “come around the corner” and do more to provide housing opportunities for those experiencing homelessness. Learn more about how Kathy and how she began her journey.

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