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May 26, 2021


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Volunteer Ministry Center continues to adjust operations to maintain the safety and well-being for neighbors (those we serve), volunteers and staff.   Beginning June 1, 2021, in-person visits and volunteer opportunities will now be available.  CDC guidelines will continue to inform our operations. 


Face masks and physical distancing will continue to be required while engaging those we serve.   Fully vaccinated staff and volunteers may remove masks during meetings and or appropriate settings.    


It is recommended that you receive the COVID vaccine to help reduce and mitigate spread of the virus.  If you are ill or sick, please do not come into the building.   If you come into positive contact but have not been fully vaccinated, please follow the protocols for the quarantine period.  If you come into positive contact and have been fully vaccinated and are symptom free, you are clear to come into the building.  If sick in any manner, however, please do not enter the building.



Some volunteer activities continue with restrictions and limitations.  

Please contact the supervisor in the area which you have/are volunteering for more information.


For general volunteer opportunities: Chloe Johnson (

Resource Center Meal Groups:  Angela Lister at 865-924-3055

Bush Family Refuge: Christy Smith (


The Foyer and Resource Center continue to offer pre and post-housing services to neighbors with enhanced hygiene/cleaning protocols while observing social distancing.   Non-contact forehead temperature checks occur daily along with mask wearing.   Effective July 1, meal groups in the Resource Center can return but must limit the number of the group to five (5) or people or less and must always remain in the kitchen area.  


The Bush Family Refuge & Dental Clinic will operate under normal hours but no more than eight (8) people in their respective reception area effective June 1st.  Some services may be limited due to limited availability of staffing.


Minvilla Manor will allow for groups with three (3) people or less.   The Community Room will be reopening on June 1st, but access is limited to those who are fully vaccinated.


Fund Raising Events

In-person fund raising events are scheduled to be held as follows:  Wine & Shine, July 16th;  Golf Tournament, August 23, and Carry the Torch, September 15th.    Given the pandemic, all events are subject to change and modifications.   Please contact the main office with questions and/or continue to visit VMC’s website,


Finally, the best way to continue supporting VMC’s on-going work is to do so with a financial contribution.   A financial contribution affords us the flexibility to meet the ever-changing situations that arise daily.  You can mail your gift (P.O. Box 27406, Knoxville, TN. 37927) or make an on-line donation at  We are so grateful for your support and may all be safe and well!