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Bush Family Refuge
423 individuals and/or families helped with utilities 122 individuals and/or families helped with rent. 
Total of 3,068 individuals and/or families assisted


Dental Clinic
1,452 patient visits
2,536 procedures were performed
151 sets of dentures were provided
Minvilla Manor
65 residents lived at Minvilla Manor in 2016.
Over 9,748 supportive services were provided
to residents.
Approximately 46% of residents have maintained their housing for four years or more.
Holiday Store
143 shoppers participated in The Holiday Store. They earned points to buy holiday gifts for over 448 people. Shoppers volunteered over 554 hours of community service to provide gifts for loved ones and family.
Bush Family Refuge
Resource Center
63 people achieved housing during the course for the year, 25 of which were formerly chronically homeless. They join the 966 who have been previously placed since 2007. Our housing retention rate averages 93% measured after one year of housing. (The national average is 85%.)
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