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  • Bruce Spangler

To Have A Voice

Dr. Sandy Mixer, Associate Professor with the UT College of Nursing joins Bruce this episode to discuss a very special service that she and her students provide to those that VMC serves, “our neighbors”. For the last six years, Dr. Mixer and her nursing students have met with VMC’s neighbors once a year and helped them to both understand and complete an Advanced Directive. An Advanced Directive provides people with an opportunity to decide what heath care they desire should they ever become unable to make those decisions for themselves. Over one hundred neighbors over the past six years have had the opportunity to have a voice in their own care and on who would be involved in those decisions in the event that they are unable to make them. Learn more about this this incredible collaboration between VMC, the UT College of Nursing and UT Medical Center that helps those experiencing homelessness have a voice in one of the most important life decisions that we can make for ourselves as an individual!

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